GED + Certificate of Automotive Repair + Hands On Industry Experience

CARS is based on a successful program in Union County, North Carolina. Both programs leverage the natural attraction between youths and automobiles to capture their interest and inspire them to continue their education and earn good-paying jobs.

CARS Board of Director, Terry Lindley, has operated Collision Repair Technology since 1992 in Monroe, NC. The program teaches students the basic elements of auto body repair and students, earn both a high school diploma and a certificate for auto body repair upon graduation. Direct school to work employment for graduates has been greater than 70 percent.

The program is certified by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) and has graduated more than 300 students. Students graduating from this automotive program have won numerous state competitions (10 NC state championships) and have been awarded over $750,000.00 in scholarships for continuing education.

CARS will apply the successful aspects of this program to general automotive repair and locate the program in Charlotte, North Carolina. The CARS program features collaboration and partnership with technical colleges and other educational institutions, automobile manufacturers, small engine manufacturers and non-profit organizations.

Successful students will earn both a GED and a Certificate of Automotive Repair, preparing them for an automotive career, as well as for further education and training.

The CARS educational facility will be located in the community it serves. Its proximity to the CARS target student population promises to bring benefits to both individuals and the surrounding community.

  • GED (General Educational Development)
  • CARS students will earn a standard GED diploma with a curriculum that highlights the relationship between math, science, and the automobile industry.
  • Certificate of Automotive Repair
  • In addition to a GED, students receive hands-on lab work in the CARS automotive training facility that links their basic math and science curriculum with practical auto repair. Hands-on lab work will be available in each major area of auto repair.
  • 2-Year Apprenticeship
  • After earning a GED and Certificate of Auto Repair, CARS graduates will be placed in local automobile repair shops for two years of real-world, hands-on training in both traditional and green technology. Potential employers receive the benefit of knowing their apprentices are educated and dedicated, while graduates sharpen repair skills that will last a lifetime.